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Feb 2018

A shoot for The Mix – shoes and accessories – product photography – fashion photography – Omaha, NE



Jan 2013

1948 Plymouth station wagon

1948 Plymouth station wagon -1.jpg1948 Plymouth station wagon -2.jpg1948 Plymouth station wagon -3.jpgThis 1948 Plymouth station wagon, one of only 45 registered with the National Woodie Club, was originally owned by the great-granddaughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt to use on her estate “Woodside Acres” on Long Island. When Bill Haire bought it in Vermont in 1993, most of the metal and virtually all of the wood was so rusted and rotted that it could serve only as a basic pattern. He spent almost a decade rebuilding the mechanical and the metal parts of the body and completely recreating the wooden body by hand using the old, rotten pieces as a guides. To the finished wood, he brushed on by hand 10 coats of varnish then block-sanded and polished the finish to it’s present luster. This process alone took four months to complete.