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Feb 2018

A lifestyle shoot for Health Monitor magazine – how diabetes changed Harry’s life

Harry started taking medication, but knew he had to do his part if he wanted to get healthier for the long haul. He met with a registered dietitian. He learned how to eat proper portion sizes and count the carbohydrates in foods. “They showed me how to divide my plate up and how to make better food choices. And they gave me recipes that are heart healthy and help me manage my diabetes, too.”

Already a recreational cyclist, Harry went from “putzing around on my bike on the weekend” to pushing himself to go farther and faster. “After a year, I had gotten stronger and really improved my cardiovascular endurance and lung capacity. I can ride 50 to 60 miles now, up and down hills, and I’m not wasted at the end of the day! That has been my measuring stick for the last few years. I can go through the whole day, active and doing stuff!” “I’m accountable to the people around me” Harry says it’s the cycling gang he hangs out with who helps him live a healthier life. (They introduced him to a new way of eating: “I found out that barbecued tofu sandwiches are fantastic!”) And then there are the folks who stop him at the store: “Hey, you’re that guy in the paper!” (he’s become a bit of a local celeb). He’s made up his mind: “No backsliding. I have this image I need to maintain!”



Feb 2017

Thrift Lunch



Jan 2016

Lifestyle catering shoot for Dante – Omaha food photographer – Omaha lifestyle photographer

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An outdoor food lifestyle shoot for Dante Pizzeria catering. Had a fantastic time working with a great bunch of people.
Catering –
Second shooter – Corrie Suhr
Video – Michael Markoff
Prop stylist – Jackie Sterba
Hair & Make-up – Amber Futhey