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Feb 2014

Becca + Michael – destination wedding – Tulum, Mexico – day before the wedding

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Last August, I photographed a wedding at a beautiful villa just north of Tulum, Mexico. The day before the parents of the groom chartered a catamaran to sail all in attendance to a secluded beach near Akumal. The party took in the sun and some Coronitas on the beach while the Captain and crew prepared lunch over a wood fire. Later that evening, we joined the group for the rehearsal dinner at a restaurant in Tulum with an intimate jungle setting. We dined on amazing Argentinian food and wine and even made friends with the local raccoon, Rolo. The following day the wedding was crashed by an unexpected visitor, tropical storm Erin. The villa had no electricity or running water but the bride met the challenge with calm and everyone made the most of it. It was an incredible experience.

Rehearsal dinner – Casa Banana


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